Miniature Terrariums

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You don't need an outdoor garden to create an enchanted miniature garden landscape. Create a magical wee world in the tiniest of spaces with an enchanted miniature terrarium. All you need is a glass container, a little moss, a few miniatures and a touch of imagination.

Make a Miniature Terrarium

How to Create an Enchanted Miniature Moss Garden Terrarium

Miniature terrariums are limited only to your imagination! You can create a lovely little terrarium in virtually any type of container with a wide variety of supplies.

Step 1 - Select a container for your miniature terrariums:

Containers are limited only to your imagination. Select specifically designed terrarium containers or use old apothecary jars, gold fish bowls, soda bottles, mason jars, glass butter dishes or whatever your heart desires. You can even create enchanted miniature terrariums in light bulbs or little glass ornaments.

Terrarium Jar

Step 2 - Layer your miniature terrarium for planting:

To avoid disease and excess water impacting your terrariums, it is essential to create an adequate drainage layer.

While there are many different terrarium recipes th is what works best for our little enchanted moss terrariums.

1.) Layer at least 1/2" small gravel for drainage at the bottom of your terrarium garden container.

2.) Layer 1/4" activated charcoal. This helps eliminate any odors and prevent mold.

3.) Add a layer of high quality potting soil. Depth will vary on the type of plant you are using.

4.) - Plant your moss and terrarium plants. Insert your miniature plants and moss into your terrariums.

5.) - Add your miniatures to your enchanted terrarium.

Add any of your enchanted little miniatures and decorations. This is when the fun truly begins! Add an assortment of miniatures or create your own.

6.) - Maintain and care for your miniatures.

It's important you keep your terrarium moist but do NOT over water. You'll find frequent light misting's work best. Be sure to keep your terrariums out of direct harsh sunlight and research any specific requirements of your sensitive miniature plants.

If you have any questions, comments or would like to collaborate on a fairy garden or web project, please don't hesitate to email us. Happy miniature fairy gardening!

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