Fairy Doors

Fairy doors create a portal into the enchanted world of fairies. We have fairy doors of every size, style color and price range, even opening fairy doors! Enter the realm of fairies, gnomes and enchanted magic by placing a handcrafted fairy door in your home and garden. We offer a fairy door style and size for every imagination! 

Add a fairy door to your home and garden and bring a little magic into your life. To browse our collection of fairy doors click any of the photos or titles above to view detailed information about each of our fairy doors. Are you interested in opening fairy doors that open and close? Be sure to check back often as we're always adding new fairy doors.

Create an enchanted portal into the world of fairies, gnomes, and magical wee garden folk with our selection of handcrafted fairy doors. Place one of these enchanted fairy doors in front of a stump, tree, or rock outcropping to create an instant fairy or gnome dwelling. 

Fairies, gnomes and magical wee garden folk are naturally shy magical creatures that appreciate magical portals to pass easily through your garden undetected by human eyes. These handcrafted unique enchanted fairy doors are sure to entice fairies into your garden.

Fairy doors do not open as they're created to be placed against solid surfaces to transform your ordinary spots into extraordinary realms of enchantment!. Fairies don't need traditional hinges and doorknobs like their human counterparts do. Magical miniature fae creatures are naturally secretive and like to keep their magical wee homes a very close secret. Enchanted Gardens does offer several varieties of opening fairy doors, see the first tab for a current list of opening fairy doors.