Mini Dishes

Bring your miniature tea parties to life with our delightful selection of miniature dishes. Stock up on miniature plates, miniature tea pots, miniature glasses and silverware to serve your miniature fairies in style. All of the miniature dishes on this page (unless otherwise noted) are standard 1:12 dollhouse scale. 

Be sure to check out our accompanying miniature food to compliment our miniature dishes. 

Fairies and all your wee miniature garden folk love splashing about the water. From fairies dancing in waterfalls to gnomes panning for gold in a little creek, any water feature is sure to attract gnome and fairies into your miniature gardens. Add a tiny pond, miniature bridge, little bird bath, miniature wishing well, miniature row boat or any of our miniature garden accessories to add a touch of magic to any of your miniature gardens.

Ready to shop for your miniature water themed accessories? Click any of the images to shop for our miniature bridges, ponds, birdbaths and wishing wells.

Fun Fairy Fact ~ Eat Drink and Be Merry

Fairies, gnomes and wee garden sprites eat up to eight meals a day! In fact, they're unable to resist a fragrant cup of herbal tea or goblet of fairy wine. If you set out a delectable little spread in your miniature displays, fairies, gnomes and wee garden folk will be flocking to your garden in droves.

Favorite beverages of the fae include fresh herbal teas, stout beer, sweet fruit juices and enchanted wine.

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