Mini Garden Gnomes

Garden gnomes bring luck and prosperity into your home and gardens. Add a little touch of magic to your miniature gardens with our selection of miniature garden gnomes. With dozens of personalities to choose from you'll find the perfect miniature garden gnome for your home and gardens. Happy miniature gnome gardening! 

More about our Miniature Garden Gnomes:

Did you know? Garden gnomes were dated to the 1800's in Germany. The first recorded garden gnome in England dates back to 1840. Now that's an old garden gnome! We love how much personality miniature garden gnomes bring to their new environments. Each style of gnome displays his own unique personality. Each garden gnome has a delightfully witty facial expression that will transform your ordinary garden displays into an enchanted display of magic. Miniature garden gnomes have a mysterious way of lighting up your home and gardens. Each little garden gnome manages to spread a little magic wherever he goes.

Whether you're traveling with your little garden gnomes or hiding one away in the garden, a magical miniature garden gnome makes the perfect gift for people of all ages. Adopt a little garden gnome today and let the magic begin!

Hint - Want to learn more about our miniature garden gnomes? Click on any of the pictures or titles to open individual gnome pages. Each little gnome has his very own page where you'll find enlarged photographs and detailed descriptions including dimensions.

Where are the girl gnomes? We don't know where the girl gnomes are vanishing to but we're always on the lookout for female garden gnomes and will add them to our mini gnome catalog when ever possible.

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