Mini Mushrooms

Our miniature mushrooms add a tiny touch of colorful enchantment to any miniature scene. Mushrooms have long been associated with the enchanted world of fairies and gnomes and make the perfect addition to any magical miniature garden. 

Did you know that in Ireland, years ago, mushrooms were thought to be umbrellas for Leprechauns? People once believed that mushrooms growing in a circle were paths caused by fairies dancing in a ring, hence the term 'Fairy' or 'Pixie Ring'.

As a young child growing up, my Grandmother once told me that wherever lightning struck, a mushroom was sure to grow. Be it fact or fiction, the mushroom has always been a part of the magical realm of Elves and Fairies, and we here at Enchanted Gardens will always have a special fondness for this wonderful creation. Our miniature mushrooms are the perfect miniature fairy garden accessory and tiny terrarium decoration.