Miniature Hedgehog - Tiggy

$ 4.95

We currently have 7 in stock.

Dimensions: 1 1/2 inches L X 3/4 inches T.

Hedgehogs have always been fascinating creatures. Did you know there are over 17 different species of hedgehogs? And that they have been around basically unchanged for over 15 million years? In honor of this wonderful little creature, we have added our new porcelain hedgehog to our miniature collection. Each hedgehog (we named ours Tiggy) is individually hand painted with delightful brown and tan accents. We think Tiggy would be perfect for any miniature garden or collection.

Our charming miniature Hedgehog is composed of durable designer porcelain perfect for any of your miniature environments. Miniature Hedgehog comes attached on his individual card; to remove any residual paper residue, soak briefly in warm water.

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